• Mail Extractor Pro - A simplified tool for conversion

    Mail Extractor Pro is a conversion tool for converting your Thunderbird/Postbox to PST. PST is a proprietary format that is used by Microsoft to save all the email data for Outlook. This data format is not available in Apple mails which creates the need for conversion of data into PST so that we can further use it in Outlook. This conversion in itself is a complex process and thereby must be supported by a professional tool.

    Converting Thunderbird/Postbox to PST

    Mail Extractor Pro is the appropriate choice for your Postbox / Thunderbird to PST conversion needs. This brilliant tool offers multiple features that allow it to produce precise results. The output is flawless and can be used directly for your needs as it ensures saving the integrity of your data. It’s a must have for the users who wish to convert their data smoothly and securely.

    Conversion Process for converting Thunderbird/Postbox to PST - A clear tutorial

    The process of converting the mails from Thunderbird and Postbox is similar. The process is quite simple to follow. A step-by-step process has been detailed down here-under:

    Ø  Step 1

    Install the Mail Extractor Pro as the first step. Once installed, launch it on the screen to begin the conversion process.

    Ø  Step 2

    The next obvious step is to load your data. In order to do the same, you must click on the load button appearing next to Thunderbird/Postbox.

    Ø  Step 3

    You will encounter two options at this stage-(a)Auto-load ; (b)Open

    Auto-load optionà This option is given to you to upload the data from the default directories without any filters. Use this option in case you want to upload all the data directly.

    Openà This option is given to you to locate the copied mail-folder that you have saved for conversion. Use this option if you have sorted data for conversion.

    Ø  Step 4

    This is an interesting step which reflects the smartness of this tool. At this point, you will be able to see all the content available for conversion. You can go ahead and choose to select or de-select the folders as per your requirements. You will also have the option of ignoring all the empty folders.

    Ø  Step 5

    Selecting the destination file-size can be tricky. Select the file size up to 15GB so that it’s easier at a later stage to transfer it for you. Once you’ve selected the preferred file size, hit on the button that says “Convert”. Next, you should select the location wherein you would want the converted data to be saved after the completion of the process.

    Ø  Step 6

    Then, you will be able to see the progress bar. You may abort the process if you feel like or lead it until the end. The entire progress report will be in front of you.

    Ø  Step 7

    To access the converted file, click on “locate converted PST”. You will be able to import the converted data to Outlook directly.

    After understanding this simple process, if you are interested in trying this tool today itself, then you may download the free trial version here.

    Get it today to convert Thunderbird to PST as well as Postbox, MBOX, Apple Mail to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

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  • In order to import OST to Outlook one must opt for a fool-proof approach which is free of issues like sluggish processes, data loss issues, etc which are quite common to this task.

    Syncing the OST files with Outlook in particular should come easy as OST is a part of the Outlook family, but it doesn’t! OST files are the files that are created in offline mode and thereby are quite different from the PST files that are otherwise made use of in Outlook.

    If we look into the technical reasons, OST files are saved on the Outlook application or the exchange servers whereas PST files form a part of the local storage of the client system. As such, syncing up these files is quite chaotic contrary to the natural assumption of these being simple synchronization actions. Thus, to import OST to Outlook successfully, we make use of reliable and strong tools like OST Extractor Pro.

    This tool is great at its job. To lay out its work in simple words, this too picks up the OST files, decodes them, and rebuilds them to make them usable in Outlook. It is an appropriate choice to import OST to Outlook as this tool does not succumb to the technical difficulties that arise along the way. This tool breaks down all the stereotypes associated with the OST to Outlook import job to give out beautiful results in a short period of time!

    Get this tool to import OST to Outlook at once!

    OST Extractor Pro is a tool that has been developed by USL software. The team that is responsible for the creation of this tool has taken utmost care to bring out a tool that works only in the interest of the users. It has been made available in several licenses which can be distinguished on the basis of the number of systems on which it is desired to be used.

    import ost to outlook

    To open OST file in Outlook for Mac or Windows, you need this ost to pst converter.


    The tool has also been rolled out in a standard trial version which too can be made use of to import OST to Outlook. However, with this version, the users would be able to import only 10 items per folder. This version is freely available on its website and can be directly downloaded from there.

    In order to get the full version with the license keys, the users must place an order for the product. After successful payment, the details of the license key are shared via an email that is used by the user at the time of registration.

    Post all the formalities, the users can simply download and launch the product, enter the license key details, and start importing OST to Outlook almost immediately. It has a simple interface which is self explanatory. The users do not face any issues in executing the simple steps. However, if required, a 24*7 customer care team is readily available that can be approached by the user for any kind of assistance to import OST to Outlook.

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  • Apple Mail to PST Converter - Mail Extractor Pro FAQs

    This compact list of FAQs aims at resolving the common doubts that most of the users have for an Apple mail to PST converter. Other than that, you will also be introduced to the fastest and the most reliable Apple mail to PST converter - Mail Extractor Pro.

    Resolving the commonplace queries for the fastest Apple mail to PST converter

    Q. What does an Apple mail to PST converter do?

    A. The job of an Apple mail to PST converter is to extract the files from the database of Apple mails and convert them into a format termed as PST (Personal Storage Table). PST is the proprietary format which Microsoft Outlook uses for saving email data like messages, calendar items, contacts, etc. Such format used in Apple mails however is EMLX, which is inconsistent in Microsoft Outlook. Thereby, a third party tool ensures the conversion of Apple mails to PST files. After such conversions, the users can utilize the data from Apple mails in Microsoft Outlook. 

    Q. How can I get an Apple mail to PST converter license key?

    A. A license key is required to unlock the full version of any software. This key is essential for preventing piracy as well as for keeping the data safe. In order to get the license key for an Apple mail to PST converter you will need to invest in a conversion tool like Mail Extractor Pro. When you buy the full version, a license key is provided for further usage of the tool. 

    Q. Describe Mail Extractor Pro?

    A. Mail Extractor Pro is a professional conversion tool that has been created by USL software. This is a multipurpose tool that works as an Apple mail to PST converter, Thunderbird to PST converter, Postbox to PST converter, and MBOX to PST converter. The files converted to PST using this tool are usable in Microsoft Outlook versions 2003/2007/2010/2016.

    Q. Is there a licensed version of Mail Extractor Pro?

    A. Yes, Mail Extractor Pro comes in a full licensed version. This version further offers a round the clock helpline and free lifetime updates for its users. For those, who do not want a full version at this stage can opt for the free trial version. The trial version of this Apple mail to PST converter will work all the same with an exception of converting 10 files per folder. 

    Q. How is Mail Extractor Pro a better Apple mail to PST converter?

    A. If we compare the ordinary Apple mail to PST converters with Mail Extractor Pro then we would find that the working and technology behind this tool is much more superior. Mail Extractor Pro offers exceptional performance while satisfactorily addressing essential aspects like safety, accuracy, precision, and the like. It converts Apple mails to PST at amazingly fast speed. While other tools stumble their way through the entire process, Mail Extractor Pro smoothly sails you through the conversion process. There is no loss or damage of data and of course 100% of the data gets converted. Exceptional features like batch conversion, maintenance of folder hierarchy, etc. are further reasons that support the likeability of this tool. 

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  • Even you can now convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook like an expert without struggling. The Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software would be your companion to the process and would provide you with an extremely comfortable procedure to moving your mail files. You can use this tool for several purposes- convert Thunderbird  to PST Outlook, convert Apple Mail to PST, Thunderbird, Postbox data files to various formats including PST data file format for Mac and MS Outlook 2016/ 2015/ 2011/ for Mac and MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and Office 365 for Windows.

    convert thunderbird to pst

    Matchless performance in moving Thunderbird to PST Outlook format

    If you seek a sophisticated and fast method to convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook without hindrances, using the Mail Extractor Pro is the way to go for you. The output it provides is always free of inaccuracy and the users do not have to suffer bugs or data corruption either.

    Migrates files from Apple Mail, MBOX, Thunderbird/ Postbox to Outlook PST

    Be it Apple mail, MBOX, or Thunderbird, this tool converts them all into the Outlook PST format without inaccuracies and provide complete results every single time. Compatibility of the resultant PST files with every Outlook version is also a guarantee.

     Supports unique data like Unicode

    While most Thunderbird to Outlook PST recovery tools work decently with files in English, it is not unusual for them to fail when given files with non-English languages. This tool on the other hand is trained to deal with files having Unicode in the same manner as it does with files containing English. So you can convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook any kind of file unhesitatingly.

    Greater outcome in lesser time

    To reach your output files whenever you use this tool to convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook, you can use the bulk conversion option. It is similar to the regular option in that it converts files to PST, only faster. More files can be picked at once instead of repetitively converting them one by one. It is indeed a great time saver.

    Preserves Unicode content

    Unlike other methods of moving MBOX to PST Outlook, this tool is compatible with all sorts of unique data. The non-English languages for instance and the files with double-byte characters are ultimately safe with this tool.

    Keeps hierarchy of folders in original position

    The users would not have to spend their precious time stacking files in order of hierarchy after the completion of the process of moving MBOX to PST Outlook 2019. This tool does that automatically and makes the desktop screen considerably neater.

    Comes with a free evaluation version

    If you are unsure about spending into an automated method to moving Thunderbird to PST Outlook, we would advise you to try out the trial version. With this version you can try out features mentioned above and later upgrade to the full version. For assistance and help we can be contacted at helpdesk@uslsoftware.com

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  • When OST files gets corrupted in MS Outlook versions {2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016} . Today, I am going to discuss about the best way to open OST file through a PST conversion.

    We know that OST files cannot be opened so it is crucial that in order to use that data, we convert OST to PST format.

    Why OST file error generates and cannot be open in outlook?

    Sometimes OST file generate error message and can be triggered due to the some reasons:

    ·         Internet having very slow speed

    ·         Many users accessing same file at the same time

    ·         Runtime error

    After discussing all reasons behind it, and try to rectify them quick what you have to do is, that you can simply visit this website https://www.ostextractorpro.com/ from there you can download the tool meant for that which is OST Extractor Pro” from where you can revive all your data.

    Our tool OST Extractor Pro” is much more effective in fixing bugs, broken links which leads file error or cannot open OST file and it is easy and simple to install. It also has some cool feature if you download its pro version.

    This tool will not only help you in opening your OST file but also converting it into different format such as EML, MBOX, etc. It also provides data security, which means you are saving your energy in searching over internet for security for your data.

    We convert the OST file to PST and then we can open it.

    After you successfully convert your OST file you need not worry about its further failure or your data getting hacked to any other devices because we don’t save or share your personal information to other. All your data preciously secured and not on your computer but also at server end.

    No data or information is shared with any one apart from you. It also offers you 100% data recovery which means you need not go through data loss like you do with other software. It has various features which does your work simple and fast. You can use the trial version which is user friendly. 

    Download the trial version and check it out! The trial version gets 10 items from each folder in OST files to PST but doesn’t lock you out from trying out any other feature that makes “OST Extractor Pro” the best in its category.

    It provides you 24 x 7 technical support to make your work easier and you can rely on it at any stage you need help, or to answer any of your questions that you may have.

     It has a unique feature to access over any file and has capability to make changes at any stage. Unicode text makes it is a relief for users that communicate in languages such as Chinese and Japanese as it provides generic solutions.

    Thanks for reading this I hope you do follow the given link which is provided. This is all for today. I hope now you can open your PST file easily. If you have any queries or suggestion you are free to tell us. Your opinion helps us to improve our services.

    You can download the free demo by clicking here

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