• Converting Thunderbird/Postbox to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook

    Mail Extractor Pro - A simplified tool for conversion

    Mail Extractor Pro is a conversion tool for converting your Thunderbird/Postbox to PST. PST is a proprietary format that is used by Microsoft to save all the email data for Outlook. This data format is not available in Apple mails which creates the need for conversion of data into PST so that we can further use it in Outlook. This conversion in itself is a complex process and thereby must be supported by a professional tool.

    Converting Thunderbird/Postbox to PST

    Mail Extractor Pro is the appropriate choice for your Postbox / Thunderbird to PST conversion needs. This brilliant tool offers multiple features that allow it to produce precise results. The output is flawless and can be used directly for your needs as it ensures saving the integrity of your data. It’s a must have for the users who wish to convert their data smoothly and securely.

    Conversion Process for converting Thunderbird/Postbox to PST - A clear tutorial

    The process of converting the mails from Thunderbird and Postbox is similar. The process is quite simple to follow. A step-by-step process has been detailed down here-under:

    Ø  Step 1

    Install the Mail Extractor Pro as the first step. Once installed, launch it on the screen to begin the conversion process.

    Ø  Step 2

    The next obvious step is to load your data. In order to do the same, you must click on the load button appearing next to Thunderbird/Postbox.

    Ø  Step 3

    You will encounter two options at this stage-(a)Auto-load ; (b)Open

    Auto-load optionà This option is given to you to upload the data from the default directories without any filters. Use this option in case you want to upload all the data directly.

    Openà This option is given to you to locate the copied mail-folder that you have saved for conversion. Use this option if you have sorted data for conversion.

    Ø  Step 4

    This is an interesting step which reflects the smartness of this tool. At this point, you will be able to see all the content available for conversion. You can go ahead and choose to select or de-select the folders as per your requirements. You will also have the option of ignoring all the empty folders.

    Ø  Step 5

    Selecting the destination file-size can be tricky. Select the file size up to 15GB so that it’s easier at a later stage to transfer it for you. Once you’ve selected the preferred file size, hit on the button that says “Convert”. Next, you should select the location wherein you would want the converted data to be saved after the completion of the process.

    Ø  Step 6

    Then, you will be able to see the progress bar. You may abort the process if you feel like or lead it until the end. The entire progress report will be in front of you.

    Ø  Step 7

    To access the converted file, click on “locate converted PST”. You will be able to import the converted data to Outlook directly.

    After understanding this simple process, if you are interested in trying this tool today itself, then you may download the free trial version here.

    Get it today to convert Thunderbird to PST as well as Postbox, MBOX, Apple Mail to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

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