• MBOX to Outlook PST conversion, Select the right software as per your preferences!

    To responsibly convert MBOX to Outlook PST format usually by the manual method is quite a responsibility in its own. If you want swift conversion and precise results then Mail Extractor Pro by USL software would be perfect for you. It has all its features designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. And being adept at technology is not a requirement for using this software for the first time, its intuitive interface guides the users step-by-step.

    mbox to outlook pst

    MBOX to Outlook PST conversion does not need to be a burden

    All one has to do to transfer MBOX to Outlook PST is to install this software in their device, open it with  a double click, all the files in the database of the selected mail client would be chosen, then the user has to select those files that he/she would like to convert. At the end, one just has to command to ‘convert’ the files, the process would be underway and results  delivered in no time.

    Hugely benefitting technique of MBOX to Outlook PST conversion in the mac

    The users of this software would not have to transfer their data first to windows in order to carry the MBOX to Outlook PST conversion. The conversion takes  place  directly in the mac, thus making the process safer and faster. There is no possibility of any of the data being left behind from the conversion thus.

    Saves time  with batch conversion

    Converting MBOX to Outlook PST format does not have to be a time-consuming affair, neither does it have to be repetitive. One can simple send swathes of files in a single batch of conversion. This technique requires much lesser effort and is not repetitive like the manual process.

    Compatibility with all languages makes this a safe converter

    Keeping in mind the fact that since mails are a mode of communication, the contents can be in various languages, this software has been made to be compatible with all of them. So, in addition to english, this software can convert data which is in languages like korean, chinese and japanese quite easily.

    Keeps metadata intact

    Metadata are essential parts of email, if you lose details like subject, date and read/unread status then it would be quite a chaotic situation. This software avoids that by keeping the metadata preserved.

    Keeps folder hierarchy intact

    After the conversion the users would not have to rearrange their files. This MBOX to Outlook converter tool ensures that the folders and subfolders remain in their hierarchical position.

    The user can also split the PST files in case they are too large, it makes easy for one to process the large files.

    Protected from bugs

    An ordinary software would freeze or crash because of bugs, this software is completely free of such faults. The users would not have to worry about any of their data being affected negatively during the conversion.

    Try out the trial version for free, click on the link below for the demo version. Upgrade whenever you feel like.

    Download and read more at https://www.mailextractorpro.com/mbox-to-outlook-converter-tool-download/

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